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What is a Turducken?

A turducken is a special delicacy consisting of a turkey, stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken. Cajun Ed's layers their version with stuffing in between each meat so the birds are flavored and tenderized. There are many variations of the recipe so we can tailor your turducken to suit your own tastes and those of your guests. Cajun Ed's specializes in preparing the finest turduckens in the country and our reputation is built on our continued success in excellent customer service and family created recipes that please even the most discerning palate.

Turduckens and other multi-meat dishes have been around for a long tme, but Cajun Ed's has taken this celebrated delicacy to a whole new level of gastronomic heaven. We create each turducken order by hand, making sure you are getting the best there is. We use only the finest ingredients. Our meats are fresh. We use very stringent methods in the preparation in our meats so that your turducken is of the highest quality. Our stuffings are made with a variety of spices and herbs blended together to create a one of a kind dining experience. Once stuffed, your turducken is hand rubbed with a wonderul combination of herbs and spices that penetrate the skin of the meat and create a flavor unmatched in any other company.

We pack your turducken carefully and ship in dry ice so that it arrives in the best possible condition. We can ship anywhere in the United States within two days so that your order gets to you quickly. You can order your turducken with confidence from Cajun Ed's Specialty Meats because we care about the success of your meal and want to impress you and your loved ones. Order a turducken from Cajun Ed's and you'll be a customer for life. Don't forget we also have alligator meat for sale too! For a great night of dining checkout our Tulsa Cajun / Seafood Restaraunt!