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Frog, Crawfish, and Alligator Products

Gator Meat, Alligator Ribs & Frog Legs For Sale

If you think alligator meat tastes just like chicken, you'll change that tune after sampling Cajun Ed's gator meat or alligator ribs for sure. If that sounds too exotic for your taste maybe you should try some of our Cajun Frog Legs instead! You'll be surprised at the wonderful flavor these less than ordinary culinary cuts deliver.

We've got prime alligator meat for sale online, pure fillets, baby back ribs or wings (leg meat), plain or marinated in our special garlic and onion-based BBQ sauce. You certainly won't be disappointed! These come in one-pound packs, ready for grilling, frying or baking. Our frog legs for sale come 12 to a pack, marinated in milk and seasoning for perfectly moist morsels. You'll also find Cajun Ed's special Cajun-seasoned fry mix here. It's great for frying anything!

Categories | Seafood, Frog, & Gator | Frog, Crawfish, and Alligator Products 

Price: $28.50 Per pk

Status: In-Stock



One pound of Louisiana crawfish tail meat. Yep, pealed tail meat from Louisiana. Ready to be added to etouffee, gumbo and stews.  

Price: $28.55 Per pk





Product Code: ALL-BOU-5

1.5lb. Pack of 5 links. Thaw first. Heat until internal temperature is above 165 F. Use oven, microwave, or grill.

Price: $15.15




Product Code: ALLI-DIP-1

1 lb pack. Serves 1-2

Price: $15.75




Product Code: ALLI-BITE-1

1 pound package of Alligator cut into pieces- perfect for frying with some of Cajun Ed's Fry Mix!

Price: $29.50





Product Code: ALLI-MARMEAT-1

1 lb. alligator filet marinated in an onion and garlic based BBQ sauce.  Delicious baked, fried, or grilled.

Price: $29.50





Product Code: ALL-SSG-5

1.5lb. Pack of 5 links

Price: $19.99





Product Code: FRG-MARLEG-10

A packs of 10 frog legs, Marinated in evaporated milk and seasoning to make perfectly moist frog legs.

Price: $17.50




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