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Categories | Heat and Eat Cajun Favorites | Entrees 
1 Quart- Serves 3-4

Price: Based on Selection




Product Code: CJNHNY-HAM-1

1/2 ham.  Serves 10.

Price: $65.95




Product Code: CRAW-ETOU-1

1 Quart. Serves 3-4

Price: $25.50




Product Code: HNY-HAM-1

1/2 ham.  Serves 10

Price: $64.95





Product Code: PRK-RDBN-1

1 quart of our family recipe, red beans with smoked ham and andouille sausage.  Fully cooked, simply serve over rice. Makes 4 servings

Price: $9.95




Product Code: SHMP-ETOU-1

1 Quart. Serves 3-4

Price: $20.95




Product Code: SC-BP-2

Pack of 2. Serves 1-2

Price: $16.25




Product Code: SC-CRAB-3

Crab stuffed with our unbelievably succulent Shrimp and Crab dressing.  Wonderful baked or fried.  Pack of 3 Crabs

Price: $19.95





Product Code: AUG-3

All you need is the salad!  Makes the perfect quick and easy freezer meal.  Single serving- 3 per box

Price: $17.85




Product Code: PIE-3

Pack of 3 pies.  Each pie serves 1.  These puff pastry pies make the perfect quick meal.  Bake frozen and enjoy.     

Price: $14.85




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