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Shipping Information

When do I order?
Order early - Order Now. Vacuum packaging extends the frozen life of meat in excess of one year. Every effort is made to process and ship each order as soon as it is received. We cannot guarantee that your order will ship the same day the order is placed, especially during the holiday months (October-March). We accept and process orders each week year round. Orders are shipped on a first come first serve basis and are shipped out within 1 to 5 business days. Freight companies will not guarantee shipment times for much of November and December so order early.

How do I order?
Orders are placed online. This is the safest method as your credit card is only given to a secure website and we do not recieve any credit card information. In addition, there are fewer chances for errors in processing your order.

When do we ship?
Shipments are released each week, year round, on Tuesday. A Holiday can affect the day we ship. Packages are shipped so the arrival day is no later than Thursday each week, allowing one extra day (Friday) to locate a misdirected package. Packages do not travel on Saturday or Sunday. Requests for a specific ship day can be made in the comment box after you enter your credit card information. Every attempt will be made to honor your request. Verification of your shipment will be sent via e-mail. In November and December Shipments may be processed each week day. We DO NOT recommed shipping our product GROUND, during the months of June, July or August. Due to extreme heat in the central part of the U.S.

Can I ship A gift?
Yes, you can also include a gift card or a note. Type your note in the comments box at the end of the order. Important: To ensure the safety of the products, the recipient must know the impending arrival of the package. We would like this to be a good surprise.

What company is used for shipments and how long does it take to arrive?
We ship via FedEx. The products should arrive in one to three days. Freight companies do not warranty perishable products. Shipping times are not guaranteed by freight companies in most of November and December due to the high number of packages being transported. Cajun Ed's will not replace shipments affected by circumstances beyond our control (weather, wrong address given, recipient moved, recipient not available or business closed when delivery is attempted). Plese help us ensure your package arrives safely. To receive tracking updates your email must not block mail from

What should I do when the package arrives?
Immediately remove contents from container and place in freezer or refrigeration. If the package arrives within one day of shipping, some dry ice may remain in container. DO NOT touch the ice. If you are concerned with the condition of the product on arrival; it is imperative you contact us immediately. We require a time stamped message in order to process a claim. An email ( or voice message (1-866-298-8400) will document the time of arrival to compare with freight companies documentation needed to process a claim.

What is the cost of Freight?
Freight cost depends on the weight of the package and the recipient address. To maximize freight cost it is best to fill the container. For example, if you double the weight of your package the freight cost will not double but it will go up. The cost to ship a 16 pound Turducken is between 35.00 and 95.00 dollars. The cost to ship a 10 pound Turducken is between 30.00 and 75.00 dollars. All shippments are subject to extra charges due to size and or weight. Once you start placing an order you will be able to view the different shipment options with shipping cost. The shipping cost provided includes the styrofoam container, corrugated box, dry ice, packing, and freight charges.

What is the container and how much does it cost?
The product is packed in a styrofoam container. The styrofoam container is placed in a corrugated box. The container will hold up to 70 pounds and costs $40.00 including the cost of dry ice and handling. This container will hold up to 20 boneless stuffed chickens or 6 boneless stuffed turkeys or 6 - 10 pound Turduckens or 4-16 pound Turduckens. The container price is the same if you ship one pound or 70, so find a friend, fill it up and share the freight. The shipping cost provided includes the styrofoam container, corrugated box, dry ice, packing, and freight charges.

What to do if the package does not arrive?
Don't Panic. We can help. Contact Us. One extra day is built in to protect your shipment. It is important that you inform us if a package does not arrive when expected. Delivery can be as late as 7:00 PM for a residential address. A business delivery should be around noon. Cajun Ed's can track you package for you and you will recieve an email from Fed EX with your tracking numbers to be used on To receive tracking updates y our email must not block mail from

Is it safe to ship meat?
Yes, products including boudin are shipped frozen. If the package arrives within two days the contents may be frozen. Dry ice will last 1 day. Products in the container for three or more days may show signs of tempering. The product, for example, Turduckens, can be placed in the freezer or in refrigeration if the product is below 40° F and is received within five days of shipment. If frost is on the outside of the product or if any of the products are partially frozen, then your product is below 40° F. Cajun Ed's has a history of shipping meat products with great success. The riskiest time to place a shipment November and December so order early.

What about the Weather?
The temperature outside will affect the contents of the package. Natural disasters will affect delivery times and number of ship days. Cajun Ed's will adjust the use of dry ice and shipping times in an attempt to compensate for weather conditions. We need your help. Please observe your local weather to determine if the ship date you have chosen will ensure a timely delivery. Cajun Ed's will not replace shipments affected by circumstances beyond our control (weather, wrong address given, recipient moved, recipient not available or business closed when delivery is attempted).

About Dry Ice.
Use Caution, Carbon Dioxide solid is extremely cold. (109° F below zero) and causes severe burns. It liberates heavy gas which may cause suffocation. Do not get dry ice on skin or hands. Do not taste or put near your mouth. Do not put in glass jars or bottles or other sealed, closed containers. Do not enter places where dry ice is used or stored until adequately ventilated. Keep out of children's reach. Dry ice does not melt, it changes into gas. A Five pound bag will last about 1.5 days in a closed container under normal circumstances. Dry Ice is used to help keep the inside of the contianer cold, it will not keep the product completely frozen. We also have alligator meat for sale!