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Serve Turducken for Your Special Occasion Meal

Are you wondering what to serve for that milestone birthday party for Dad? Do you want to serve a special meal for Mom on Mother’s Day? How about the celebration of your big promotion at work? Eating well is a big part of any celebration and we Southerners serve some pretty spectacular food for special occasions.

Thanks to efficient shipping methods and the Internet, anyone who desires a "One of a Kind" meal can have it by ordering any of our famous holiday Turduckens from Cajun Ed's Meats. Turducken is the extraordinary culinary delight that can be your assurance of a great party! Turduckens, or some version of them, have been around for centuries. In England they stuff a goose with duck and chicken, but the Cajun version was popularized by Cajun Chef Paul Prudhomme. Chef Prudhomme stuffed a boneless turkey with a boneless duck, then the duck with a boneless chicken with layers of stuffing in between. Finally, the chicken is stuffed with, (You guessed it!) stuffing. This savory and unique main course is a delicacy on any holiday or special occasion so don’t wait for the winter holidays to order a Christmas Turducken or Thanksgiving Turducken - enjoy them year round! If you’ve never experienced a special meal with turducken you are in for a treat, and once you’ve tried ours, it won’t be the last time you order our incredible turduckens - we guarantee it!

Where can you buy turduckens for sale? At Cajun Ed's! We have turduckens for all occasions and the stuffing combinations are almost limitless. Our turducken come in several sizes for parties of up to 25 or as small as for just a few people and can be delivered right to your home at any time of year. Order early to assure your order can be delivered when you want it. We pack all our turduckens in dry ice, so it arrives frozen, ready to thaw and cook.

You will find our turduckens are simply the best available. Why? Because we use only the finest, juiciest first quality meats and freshest ingredients for the stuffing. We carefully prepare your turducken using our exclusive special cajun recipes, so you are getting the absolute best available anywhere. Then we ship it to you so that it arrives within two days of leaving our store. When you want your celebration to be memorable with special dishes and you can count on Cajun Ed's to deliver a turducken your guest won’t stop talking about for ages.

At Cajun Ed’s we have even more exotics meats than turducken for sale. We also have alligator, seafood, and frog meat for sale along with traditional meats. Contact us for the very best meats for your special day. You will be glad you trusted the most important meals you will serve this year to Cajun Ed's Meats. Bon Appetite! Don't forget we also have alligator meat for sale too!For a great night of dining checkout our Tulsa Cajun / Seafood Restaraunt!