Custom Turducken Variety Box

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Product Code: CSTM-BOX-MED

2-1lb packages dressing mix:

Boudin type*:

Boudin type*:

Special Instructions:
Turkey, Chicken, Chicken - No Duck

Turducken Stuffing layer 1*:

Turducken Stuffing layer 2*:

Turducken Stuffing layer 3*:

Chicken 1*:

Chicken 2*:

Add a ham!:


Package Includes:
1- large custom turducken (feeds 25)
2- 1 lb packages of dressing mix- can be mixed with either cornbread or rice to make rice dressing or cornbread dressing
2- packs of boudin
2- stuffed chickens with your choice of stuffing

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How to cook a Turducken- helpful tips
How to make gravy
How to make gravy